Pipeline Video Inspections in Erie, Pennsylvania

At Miller Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we provide extremely efficient plumbing services due to our experience plumbers and the high-tech tools we have at our disposal. Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, we perform complete pipeline video inspections at very affordable rates.

Fiber Optic Color Video Inspection

State of the art technology and video inspections that can pinpoint your sewer problems quickly and efficiently. This means quicker repairs and minimal disruption to your landscaping, yard, driveway or basement floors. Our plumbers eye video camera inspects 3” and up sewer lines. Have other plumbers told you they are not sure what is causing your plumbing problems, or recommended installing a completely new line?

At Miller Sewer and Drain Cleaning we give you the option to see for yourself what the problem is.
Sewer tanker and equipment - Sewer contractor in Erie, PA
Our company has cutting-edge video technology in order to pinpoint exactly where your sewer problem is located and what is causing the issue. We will insert a color camera into the back stack line cleanout and direct it into the main house trap, looking for cracks, leaks, and broken lines along the way. Next our plumber moves to the front of your home to inspect the lateral to the street, and check for damages.
This entire process will be recorded on a Compact disc that we will provide for you. Afterwards we can quickly and efficiently mark the area of plumbing that has been damaged.

Pipeline Inspection

Our video inspections are available for all residential, commercial, and industrial pipelines that are 2" to 12" wide. We use high-resolution colors that record to LCD-DVDs. When combined with our pipeline locating service, we can accurately map the depth and location for complete pipeline inspections. Live consultations and video diagnostics are available during the time of service.

Pipeline Locating

We use a handheld receiver to pick up a traceable radio frequency that is put into metal pipelines. A remote transmitter is pushed or pulled through the pipes and used to emit a signal in nonconductive (nonmetal) pipes. Our receiver then determines the depth and direction of a line buried up to 25 feet deep.
This service will help minimize the expense of costly excavations, and can be used to locate all manner of pipes and objects underground, including:
  • Septic Tanks
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Leach Fields
  • Buried Man Holes
  • Existing Plumbing
If it is there, we can find it! All while saving your landscaping from unnecessary disruption and repairs.
Septic Truck - Sewer contractor in Erie, PA

Inspection Survey For Insurance

We can provide a full survey for your insurance company associated with an insurance claim. We can provide a full report and video survey of the damage.


  • Homes, Buyers, Sellers, commercial, Occupancy, Insurance and mortgages.
  • Let us pre-inspect all drains in your home sinks, tubs, toilets running slow or plugged. Storm water getting into sanitary lines, downspouts, illegally tied into sanitary, downspouts plugged causing water damage on foundations
  • We will check all of them for plugged drains, run our camera in the mains and check for illegal hook ups, leaks and broken pipes.