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A big part of keeping your plumbing system working properly is preparation and regular maintenance. At Miller Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Erie, Pennsylvania we offer extensive plumbing and drain cleaning services.
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Plumbing Services

  • Mainlines/Floor Drains
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Sinks
  • Grease Tanks/ Septic Tank Lines
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Laundry Tubs/Bathtubs
  • Downspout Lines
  • French Drains/ Sump Pump Lines
  • Sump Pump Installations
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Specializing in Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Fiber-Optic Color Video Camera Inspection
Other symptoms of yard drainage problems, cracks in foundation, and moss or algae growth, standing water, water leaks from pipes, and clogged drains due to debris

High Pressure Water Jet

We use a high-presser water jet that is able to torque 4000 pounds of pressure to remove debris and blockage from storm drains, main lines, and leech beds. This method is most often used to break stubborn blockages caused by grease or other materials that have built up on the inside of the pipe's ... Read more
The main sewer line is the section of your sewer system that goes from your house out to the city sewer or a septic tank. If your main sewer line clogs, you will not be able to use any of the drains in your home.
At Miller's Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we understand that a clogged main sewer line is an emergency situation for your family.

Causes of main sewer line clogs

While still at risk to the typical culprits that may cause clogs in other drains in your home, main sewer line clogs are most often caused by tree roots. Roots can enter your sewer line over time and can cause backups. If you live near many trees, we recommend calling us for a video inspection every 1-5 years.

Cleaning your main sewer line

Most of the time, using a “snake” machine is enough to get a good condition sewer line up and running again. This method involves using a commercial grade electric snake machine, which employs a metal cable to enter the line and break through the clog, scraping the ... Read more

Other Main Sewer Line Services

If snaking the line uncovers any problems, we may use video inspection to take a closer look. This involves inserting a camera in the sewer line and recording everything we see. Once our video inspection camera has reached the blockage or damage in your line, we’re able to pinpoint its exact location in the ground and depth.  Read more

Maintenance can prevent problems

Even though your main sewer line connects to a city system, you are responsible for maintaining it—including any needed repairs. We often advise homeowners to setup preventive maintenance plans for their main sewer lines to help prevent backups.

Tips for main sewer lines

  • When planting trees or bushes, plant them as far from the sewer line as possible.
  • If your toilet is making a gurgling sound, have your main sewer line checked. This is an early warning sign of a clog.
  • Another of the earliest warning signs is water splashing out when your washer machine drains. If you’re experiencing this, call us today!
  • Stop clogs and messy backups before they happen. The best way to avoid main sewer line clogs is preventive maintenance.
When a floor drain clogs at a restaurant or business, it can cause a major disruption and even safety concerns. In many restaurants and businesses, floor drains are a common sight, and face the risk of being clogged because of both use and potential abuse.
If a floor drain were to back up in your business, what damage would it cause? Many floor drains are located in storage areas, where a backup could cause damage to anything being stored. In restaurants, floor drains are common in prep and cooking areas, where a backup could put your kitchen on hold, causing more than just physical damage, but damage to your reputation.

Why do I need floor drain cleaning?

Dirt and sediment from your basement floor, as well as your water softener, can build up inside your floor drain and cause a clog. Another common cause of floor drain backups is a main sewer line disruption, which is often due to tree roots that can work their way inside your drain pipe.

How we clean floor drains

We use electric power snakes to not only clear your blockage, but to scrape all build up and debris from the inside of your pipe. If you have a particularly tough clog, we may recommend a video inspection to see how far down the clog is and gain more insight into what it might be.

How often should floor drains be cleaned?

Depending what kind of use and abuse you suspect your floor drains may encounter, you could be at risk for backups. We may recommend scheduling regular preventive maintenance if you experience slow drains, or suspect that your drains are being exposed to foreign debris and sediment on a regular basis.

Tips for keeping floor drains clear

  • Floor drains are not trash cans. Do not sweep debris into a floor drain.
  • Make sure your floor drains have screen covers. This prevents large items from entering the drain and clogging the line.
  • Don’t cover over floor drains. If you install a rug or ...
  •  Read more
For some of life’s toughest clogs, a drain snake might not be enough. If your clog is really stubborn, or a complete clean and flush of your line is something you’re considering, our Water Jetting services might be the answer to your problems.

High pressure water jetting is a tool we use to clear sewer and drain lines. A water jet truck uses 4,000 pounds of water pressure to create a powerful cone of spray which flushes roots, paper and other debris out of your line, and then scrapes the side of your pipe clean.

A water jet is not needed for all lines, but is the most effective method for removing roots, sludge, grease and pipe scale that can build up on the inside of a drain pipe.

Not sure if a water jet can help clear your drains?
High pressure water jetting is a tool we use to clear sewer and drain lines. A water jet truck uses 4,000 lbs. of pressure to create a powerful cone of spray which flushes roots, paper and other debris out of your line, and then scrapes the side of your pipe clean. A water jet is not needed for all lines, but is very effective in removing built-up roots, sludge, grease and pipe scale.